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21 September 2013 @ 06:46 pm
Bethany Methodist Nursing Home  
Recently decided to stop procrastinating and start volunteering at a nursing home near my house.
Took me a lot of uh courage(?) to go down and sign up as a volunteer with them.
Started my first day last week.
Helped out with ACS Barker Boys Brigade with a bingo session.
Whenever they get bingo, we let them choose some snack. Their expression on their faces are priceless.
There are some uncles who keep shouting bingo for nothing just because they wanted the snack. XD

Today was my second day!
No activities this time round so I made a round around the Faith ward to befriend the aunties.
It was hard talking to some of them since they speak dialect but I tried. XD
Thankful for those aunties who can speak Chinese.
They told me a hell lot of stories, of which I couldn't catch after a while because my Chinese sucks too. #fail

I fed this nearly 100 years old aunty milo and ended up with scratches because she pinches me every time I feed her. Lmao.
It's her habit apparently. And she has dementia.
Don't think she understood a word I said but she kept staring at me. ;A;
Fed another aunty porridge. I think I'm getting the hang of it.
My mom said I can feed my grandma next time hahaha.

Told everyone that I'll be heading down every Saturday and they're looking forward to seeing me!
I can't do much for them but I can give them each at least 3 minutes of my time.
Shall drag my mom down one day. :3